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How Does Probate Work if There Is No Will?

If probate is needed on your loved one’s estate but they didn’t leave a Will, you have to apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration. The application should be[...]

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Does the Conveyancing Process Differ When Buying a New Build?

The conveyancing process when buying a new build is different to the process of buying an older property. That’s why if you’re buying a new build, you must instruct a[...]

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What Happens If a Beneficiary Can’t Be Found?

A personal representative must make a reasonable effort to locate a missing beneficiary. If this does not produce any results, the personal representative should take steps to protect themselves, just[...]

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Moratorium on Commercial Rent Arrears to End

The moratorium on commercial rent arrears ends on 25 March 2022. As per a new Code of Practice, landlords and tenants must follow an arbitration process where rent arrears have[...]

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What Decisions You Need to Make Before Writing a Will

A Will is a set of instructions to be implemented after your death. It is a document which outlines your wishes – and it is legally binding, as long as[...]

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Can I Do Probate Myself?

You can do probate yourself, or you can ask a probate solicitor to help you: the choice is yours. The benefit of using a solicitor is that you can pass[...]

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What is a Long-Stop Completion Date When Buying a New Build?

A long-stop completion date is the date by which a new build must be finished. If it isn’t, the buyer has the right to cancel the contract and get their[...]

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What is ‘Sideways Disinheritance’ and How Can You Avoid It?

Sideways disinheritance is when your estate moves ‘sideways’ after your death, rather than down through the generations. This usually happens due to remarriage, with the effect being that your children[...]

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When is Probate Needed?

Probate is likely to be needed in England and Wales where the deceased owned a property in their sole name. It may also be needed if the deceased held a[...]

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