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Do I need to make a Will?

There’s a common misconception that the only people who need to make a Will are very old or wealthy. But Wills aren’t just for lottery winners – they can be[...]

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What is a Living Will?

You probably already know that a Will ensures your wishes will be respected after your death – but what about before? What would happen if you lost your capacity to[...]

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Should I make a Lasting Power of Attorney?

What would happen if you lost your ability to make your own decisions, perhaps due to a condition such as dementia? Your relatives may struggle to access and manage your[...]

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A Short Guide To Probate

What happens to your Will after you die?  Guide to Probate So your Will is in place – but the legal process is still far from over. The deceased estate[...]

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What Does A Conveyancer Actually Do?

What does a conveyancer actually do? You probably already knew the role an estate agent plays in selling and buying property – marketing and advertising the property, accepting and mediating[...]

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A Guide to The 2016 Stamp Duty Tax Increase

As part of the recent Autumn Budget Review, the Government announced that from April 2016 there would be an additional 3% Stamp Duty Tax on all Buy-To-Let purchases over £40,000. Considering[...]

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What Is Exchange Of Contracts?

What is exchange of contracts? Exchange of contracts refers to the legal process of handing over the signed contract documentation relating to a house sale/purchase. During exchange, you solicitor will[...]

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How the new SDLT rates may effect single-home owners

Are you planning on moving home after March 2016? Don’t let the new Stamp Duty Land Tax changes make your move more expensive than necessary.  If you’re a single home[...]

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Do You Need Full Searches Or Search Insurance?

Do you need to make full searches, or should you take out search insurance? ‘Need’ is probably the wrong word to use when talking about searches – it’s all a[...]

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