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What is a Grant of Probate?

A Grant of Probate is a legal document that is issued by the Probate Registry after someone’s death. It gives a person (or group of people) the authority to administer[...]

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Probate: What to Do When Someone Dies

When someone dies, you need to check whether or not the deceased had a valid Will in place. If so, you need to contact the people named as ‘Executors’, as[...]

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Duties of an Executor

If a friend or family members names you as their Executor, you are responsible for winding up their affairs after their death. This might not sound too difficult, but in[...]

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A Short Guide To Probate

What happens to your Will after you die?  Guide to Probate So your Will is in place – but the legal process is still far from over. The deceased estate[...]

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