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How Do Marriage and Divorce Affect a Will?

Marriage and divorce both have a significant impact on your Will. If you marry, then your current Will could be revoked, meaning you’ll need to make a new one. If[...]

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What Happens If You Die Without a Will?

If you die without a Will, your assets will be distributed amongst your next of kin. The law decides who inherits from your estate and in what proportion. This might[...]

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At What Age Should You Make a Will?

There is no particular age at which you should make a Will, but important milestones are a good place to start. This includes buying a house and having a child.[...]

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Why Make a Will?

You might wonder whether you really need to make a Will. After all, life is busy and it’s just another thing to do. However, we urge you to make your[...]

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Do I need to make a Will?

There’s a common misconception that the only people who need to make a Will are very old or wealthy. But Wills aren’t just for lottery winners – they can be[...]

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