Corporate Social Responsibility

25th September 2023 · Company News

What is Corporate Social Responsibility and how is Cooklaw Solicitors taking it seriously?

Corporate Social Responsibility is a term used to describe what companies do for the local communities and how they operate as firms (by their practices).

Here at Cooklaw Solicitors, we adopt Corporate Social Responsibility as part of our firm’s culture. It is important to us as a firm, to support those around us, whether that be pro-bono legal advice or support for local charities close to our heart through whatever means we can. It is important to note that CSR comes in various forms. Firms will partake in CSR without realising it and that is usually through charitable donations or by adopting a particular business model.

How else can we give back to the community?

We also like to ensure we give back to the younger community who are looking for careers within the legal industry. We work with students from school through to university to ensure that we can offer some form of work experience to enhance their understanding of the legal profession and working as a Lawyer in practice.

This year alone, we have already given contributions to Great North Air Ambulance and Cash For Kids (through Bellway Homes charity fundraising) in addition to contributing to the Red Sky Foundation by attending their Red Sky Ball. We also donate to the Red Sky Foundation to go toward the fantastic work they do.

How have we been raising awareness?

Some of our staff have been pushing themselves to the limit! One of the firm’s Directors, Lee Gilder, completed the Sunderland Half Marathon to raise vital funds for the Red Sky Foundation. He has also just completed The Great North Run for them, along with other members of the team also taking part in the gruelling half marathon for other charities.

We also support Age UK North Tyneside as one of the Directors at the firm is a Trustee and Non-Executive Director. Such a partnership could see us starting a community space where people can come for pro-bono legal advice as part of a joint venture between ourselves and the charity.

At Cooklaw we endeavour to continue to support our community in any way we can, and if you too would like to find out more about these great causes you can do so at the following links:

Red Sky Foundation >

Cash For Kids >

Great North Air Ambulance >

Age UK >

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