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Landlord and Tenant

Our solicitors offer clear advice and expert legal support across all areas of landlord and tenant law. Whether you let out a commercial property, or you rent a commercial premises, we can help with your commercial property matter.

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Landlord and tenant law

Letting or renting a commercial property can involve a number of complex legalities. Whether you need a solicitor to draft an agreement, advise you on your rights, or settle a dispute, our solicitors are on hand to help.

We deal with all aspects of commercial landlord and tenant law, including:

  • Drafting and negotiating leases

  • Lease assignments and sub-letting requests

  • Lease renewals and terminations

  • Dilapidation claims

  • Stamp Duty on business leases

  • Break rights under break clauses

  • Rent reviews

  • Heads of term

  • Security of tenure

  • Licence to occupy

  • Licence to alter

  • Landlord and tenant disputes

  • Rent recovery

We act on behalf of both commercial landlords and commercial tenants across England and Wales. It does not matter what the size of your portfolio or your business: if you need a commercial landlord and tenant lawyer, we have the expertise needed to help you.

Drafting and negotiating leases

It is important to get a commercial lease right. We can draft a commercial lease that is tailored to your situation. We can also review the terms and negotiate amendments to better protect your position.

Lease assignments and sub-letting requests

Where a tenant wants to assign (transfer) a lease, or sublet the commercial property, we can advise on your legal rights. Our solicitors can also manage the legal transaction to ensure the terms of the contract are not accidentally broken.

Lease renewals and terminations

Many commercial leases have the right to renew and can only be terminated in certain circumstances. We offer legal support to commercial landlords and tenants who are either looking to renew/terminate a lease, or who are fighting against a renewal/termination.

Dilapidation claims

Dilapidation claims are one of the most common sources of dispute between commercial landlords and tenants. We can help you bring the dispute to a swift resolution, all while ensuring the correct protocols are followed.

Stamp Duty on business leases

Stamp Duty Land Tax is sometimes payable on a business lease. It depends on the length of the lease term and the annual rent. Our solicitors can advise whether SDLT is payable, and if so, can submit a return to HMRC on your behalf.

Break rights under break clauses

Break clauses allow the lease to be broken early without penalty. We can advise on the inclusion of break clauses in a commercial lease. We can also help each party to exercise their rights under a break clause.

Rent reviews

Rent review clauses are typically found in commercial leases to allow the landlord to increase the rent periodically. We can advise you on the inclusion of rent review clauses in a commercial lease. Our solicitors can also manage disputes in relation to rent review increases

Heads of Terms

Heads of Terms is a document setting out the main terms of a commercial transaction that has been agreed in principle. We draft, review and negotiate Heads of Terms for both commercial landlords and tenants.

Security of tenure

Security of tenure is a statutory right that allows commercial tenants to renew their lease when it comes to an end. A landlord can only refuse on certain grounds. We help both commercial landlords and tenants navigate the rules regarding security of tenure.

Licence to occupy

A licence to occupy grants permission for a commercial property to be used or occupied by another party. Such agreements are useful where a commercial property is only needed on a temporary basis. However, the wording of the agreement must be carefully drafted.

Licence to alter

If the tenant wishes to alter a commercial premises, the tenant may require a licence to alter. We can advise whether such a licence is necessary, and draft an agreement to be signed by the parties involved.

Landlord and tenant disputes

Disputes between commercial landlords and their tenants arise for all sorts of reasons, be it dilapidation claims, rent reviews or termination of the lease. Whatever the problem, we can apply our legal expertise to bring the matter to a swift and successful conclusion.

Rent recovery

Rent arrears disputes can be a major problem for commercial landlords. We can help you recover the debt, taking action through the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery process if needed.

Commercial landlord and tenant solicitors

Our commercial property solicitors act on a fixed fee basis. This starts with a free initial consultation. Contact us to discuss your requirements. Afterwards, we provide a fixed fee quote with no hidden charges.

We deliver expert legal advice in plain English. Our solicitors work with clients across all types of commercial premises, including retail, offices, warehouses and sports centres.

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