Making a Will

There are lots of adverts in the newspapers and on the internet offering the tools to make your own Will at a very low price. But beware; do you know the full cost of writing your own Will?

If you are looking to find a Will writing service but are not sure about the costs, consider all the options before deciding whether writing your own Will is really cost effective.

Did you know:

  • That even a minor mistake in the legal wording of your Will could cause the whole document to be declared invalid?
  • That writing some relations out of your will without first taking legal advice lead to the Will being challenged later, and even overruled?
  • That if it is not signed and witnessed correctly the Will will be declared void?

Whilst it is possible to write your own Will, it is an undeniably risky undertaking. But what does a professional service offer, and how can you stop the cost of this mounting up?

1. I am not sure about what I should include in the will, can I have a preliminary discussion about my will before you start charging?

We offer a free no-obligation meeting just chat through your particular circumstances and what you want to do. At the end of the meeting, if you decide you do not want to make your Will with us, you can just walk away with no strings attached and no bill to pay.

2. Can you see me out of office hours or come to my home or office? Does this cost extra?

We are happy to arrange meetings out of office hours by appointment or alternatively we are happy to visit you at home, hospital or in your office – or anywhere you choose! In addition the first home visit is free provided it is within the Tyne and Wear area. If you want us to see you outside of the area or you require extra home visits then there is a small additional fee.

3. If I want to sign my Will at your office will you provide witnesses and will this cost extra?

We always recommend that you sign your Will at our offices to make sure that the Will is witnessed properly. This ensures that the Will is indisputably valid. We will provide the witnesses at no extra cost. If travel to our offices is too difficult for you, we can arrange a call out service or even arrange for the will to be signed via post.

4. I will need extra copies of my Will. Will you provide these and if so at what cost?

We are happy to provide a copy of your Will once it is signed free of charge. We are also happy to send as many additional copies you want to anybody else you choose once again at no extra charge.

5. Can I appoint you as my executor and what will that cost?

We are happy to be appointed as Executors, and make no charge for this. When the time comes to deal with your estate we would then charge our usual fee for a Grant of Probate but there is no extra charge for being appointed as an Executor in your will.


We offer a Wills Plus service, where for a one-off fixed price we will store your Will and also offer you complimentary regular Will reviews. If you are interested in any of the above, including Wills Plus, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss any matters with you in an initial discussion at no cost whatsoever.

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