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Buying or Letting a Commercial Property

Commercial property incorporates a variety of different types of property. A commercial property is anything from a pub/shop, industrial unit or bare land.

Stamp duty for a residential purchase which are not your own personal residence (i.e. investment properties), starts at £40,000. However, if you are buying “commercial property” the rates start at £150,000. HMRC considers anything that is non-residential, will be charged at the “commercial property” rates.


We at Cooklaw Solicitors can assist you with all aspects of commercial property, whether you are looking to purchase, sell and/or lease. We offer personalised no-nonsense, honest and practical advice to Tenants, Landlords, Buyers and Sellers.​

We can help you find experts best suited to your needs such as:

  • Surveys

  • Commercial Mortgage advisors

  • Architect

  • Estate Agents


Buying a commercial property is a very different process to buying a residential dwelling. There are usually various additional documents involved such as Rent Deposit Deed and Deeds of Guarantee. We can also assist with the acquisition of a business, which again, is more complex to a standard commercial purchase. We are here to assist you with any advice you may need to get you to completion!


Our commercial conveyancing services include:

  • Buying a commercial building.

  • Selling a commercial building whether it is leasehold or freehold

  • Acting on development sites

  • Leasing commercial property (as a Tenant or Landlord)

  • Advising on Security of Tenure

  • Providing initial advice on Heads of Terms

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