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Cooklaw goes to Viego property Hub's property meet


20 Sept 2023

Cooklaw Visited the Viego property Hub's Property meet in London!

As fast as we got there (London) it was time to return to the North East…..

It was a pleasure attending The Vigeo Property Hub’s London Property Meet and once again, met some great people all looking to expand their portfolios, or undertake more complex transactions. A big thank you to Debbie Dorans, whose hospitality is second to none!

At Cooklaw Solicitors we love nothing more than having a coffee with our clients and strategising. We offer this as part and parcel of the advice we provide. It’s unique we have to say…. but we love to help people where possible and add VALUE!

Never underestimate the power of networking! You never know who you will meet and the partnerships that can be formed.

A massive shout out to Kevin Whelan director of WealthBuilders Together the king and saviour on all things Wealth and SASS pensions. What a great business model he has, all founded on the same ethics we have … HELPING PEOPLE ACHIEVE THEIR OWN SUCCESSES. Great guy with a wealth of knowledge. If you haven’t connected with Kevin, we would suggest you do!

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